Are Blackout Skateboards Good?-Should You Buy It or Not

Every time I go on a crowd of skaters, they always ask me “are blackout skateboards good?” I always say to them it always depends to the individuals. Such as speaking for street skaters, Blackout skate decks are the right choice. They’re durable, light, and cost between $20 – $30. I didn’t skate carelessly during those times, which may have added to why it didn’t snap so quickly. I recommend this brand.

The next thing you should do is decide what kind of skateboard you want. You can get a skateboard with a kicktail, a nose wheel, or a tailwheel. These three types of wheels work well on a skateboard. The last thing you should do is pick out your skateboard grip tape. This is where your board will be connected to your feet. You can choose between two types, tape or no tape. Some people prefer not to have any.

Are Blackout Decks Good?

My last Blackout deck lasted me a good full year before it snapped, and I believe this is due to the thick layer of wood the board provides. In addition to this, however, I don’t know how to skate well. It is a good idea to buy skate decks to learn about skateboarding. You can use them for fun, practice tricks, and improve your skills.

The decks were made out of wood. The black colour was so black that I didn’t see any spots or stains. I think that was the reason why it lasted a long time. It had the right thickness, and it was not too soft. I liked how the boards were shaped, and it was easy to manoeuvre. The decks were very durable. If you want to skate and don’t have money to buy a deck, you can always rent one. However, choosing a good skate shop is essential because the decks will break if rented from a cheapskate shop.

Blackout decks have wicked great designs. Many different designs and themes can be used. I have skated decks with skulls, stars, and even cats. I also have decks that look like they have a shark on them. They’re all cool!

I do recommend these decks to everyone. You can use them for street skating, or you can use them for park skating. These are great decks, but you have to know how to skate.

Who Makes Blackout Skateboards?

One of the sleekest looking skateboards ever released BY PENNY is called “BLACKOUT”. It is a limited edition board, crafted with absolute attention to detail, with a colour-coordinated set of components and hardware. The board is entirely black, making it more stealthy than any other board.

So Penny is the main company who make blackout skateboard.


What is a penny board deck?

A Penny board is a type of skateboard that has a very short and narrow plastic deck on it. The name of the company has since been used to refer to all small plastic skateboards.

What is the size of a penny board?

They come in five different sizes, didn’t you know? The Penny 22″ and the Penny 27.” The 29″ Surfskate, 32″ Cruiser, and 36″ Longboard. All Penny models, no matter how big they are, are good for different types of skating, no matter how big or small they are

Are Penny boards lame?

Because Penny Boards have a short ride stance, many people think they’re not very cool. The short stance makes the default ride style look weird, and it makes Penny Boards less versatile than a Longboard or a Skateboard in almost every case.

Can Penny boards go over bumps?

With a Penny, going on a cruise is always better. Because our boards have bigger and softer wheels than traditional skateboard wheels, you will be able to skate over road cracks and bumps.

Final Verdict

In conclusion for the question “Are Blackout Skateboards Good?” I would say it depends on your personal preferences. IF you love to ride your skateboard on the street, this is the perfect board you should get. Otherwise, you should search for another one in my opinion.

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